This winter and spring have been full of learning about myself when I was expecting to keep on living my life as usual.

Hit with a chronic illness, I had to learn to let things go from time to time, like housekeeping and yard work, as truly, they tasks will always get done. The only “house police officer” that is checking in on the status of my laundry, or if my windows have been cleaned, is the one inside my head. And he or she needs to learn to take a break!

The Western medicine medical community has given me very little to rely on to get well, so I’ve reached out to friends and family, even strangers, for advice and guidance. I’ve tried some unconventional methods that don’t align with what I’ve come to learn as mainstream medical treatment over the years and yet, these ways are small, important steps to healing my sickly cells.

I’ve learned how to advocate for myself, and I still have messages to share with the various doctors who have misdiagnosed me through their narrow lenses.

I’m out of work right now, so I’m learning how to fill my days with reading and writing. My colleagues and principal have been so supportive and caring. It’s made my transition to being home more tolerable and less guilt-ridden.

I’m learning about my body and what it needs to function in a tolerable way. I’ve changed my diet, and I’m learning to eat different foods that I’d never eaten before being afflicted with a chronic illness.

I’m still learning how much activity is too much. I need to learn to say no and how to gauge my energy levels against upcoming events.

I’m learning about Lyme and symptoms and supplements and nutrition.


I’m learning about me.


Isn’t that enough?



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