I never had any issues with smells or tastes. Even when I was pregnant with my daughter, I can’t ever remember getting sick to my stomach from a scent, as I have heard can happen. But this morning was very different. And I can only attribute it to my tick sick blood.

When spring weather arrives here in Connecticut, I like to leave a window cracked at night. Our home faces a busy street, so I tend to leave the backyard-facing window open, instead of the front-street one. People are traveling as early as 5 am on that road, and I like to keep sleeping as long as I can without being woken up by a truck or car zipping past.

But noise wasn’t a problem for me this morning. It was a smell. A typical spring, skunky smell that always manages to slip into my cracked bedroom window and wake me up.

It was 4 am when my nose encountered the nefarious scent. It was one of those “Do I stay in bed or do I get up?” moments. Kind of like when you wake up and have to use the bathroom, and you’re debating between your bladder and your bed. Instead this time, I was dueling between a distinctive, invisible stench and my warm, comfortable bed.

I stayed in bed for a few minutes, but sadly, the wicked odor won. I had no choice but to get up and shut the window because the smell was so strong to me, it was giving me a headache! When I looked outside, the yard was clear, but the critter had already left his or her calling card, much to the dismay of my nose and brain cells.

I turned my ceiling fan on and opened my bedroom door to circulate the air to get rid of that noxious odor. Thankfully, within a few minutes, the unpleasantness left the premises. I was left wide-awake, however, pondering how in all my years living here, I’ve never gotten a headache from skunk perfume!

Chemistry is amazing.  But I hope that skunk doesn’t come back tonight!

Yours in Lyme Adventures,







7 thoughts on “Chemistry

  1. Leaving comments just like you on the Community pool. Thought I would visit your site to see your work. I like skunks but scary to get close. Caught one in a trap one time, he was eating my strawberries, so I trapped him. Placed a sheet over the trap and carried him out. No skunked but very scary!


  2. hi twl! we have to sleep with the windows closed. too many noises and smells and pollen!
    certain sounds were big problems for me with lyme. crazy how the body reacts!


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