It Can Always Be Worse…

I just found out yesterday that a friend from middle school, Alex, died suddenly on Saturday.

She was an only child, and I can only imagine what her parents are going through. She was married with two boys, one in elementary school and one in high school. She volunteered at her sons’ schools and supported her sons’ love of hockey and baseball, and her younger son’s fashion sense. She also taught religious education, and was always a happy Mom and wife. Their lives are forever changed. Her parents, her sons, and her husband have had the gift of time with her, which can both heal and hurt all at once.

When I struggle with the few foods I can eat, the inflammation that is in my body, the itchy or painful or red skin reactions I get from eating a “new” food,  I get frustrated. The need to constantly  maintain my blood sugar testing and track my meals and water intake is tiresome.  Taking my numerous supplements and remembering which ones to take and when is difficult, and sometimes I make mistakes. And being on the hunt for a new doctor or remedy breeds hope and helplessness.

But then I remember that my tick sick blood pales in comparison to what Alex’s family must endure today and in the future. It can always be worse.

Rest in peace, Alex. You will be missed.





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