Be Picky About Your Liver!


Dedicated to Maureen Wasik, The Dietician, Hamden CT

I’ve developed some severe food sensitivities since being diagnosed with Lyme. So severe, that I basically can’t eat anything on the food pyramid except protein, leafy greens, and water.   It leads to a boring plate, let me tell you.

I recently went back to my dietician for a follow up appointment. At my last appointment, she had asked me to weigh and measure all of my food and drink and keep track of symptoms, so I presented her with my food chart. Right away, she picked up on my less than healthy Gatorade Zero entry.

“What’s this?!!” she crowed, “Gatorade Zero with artificial sweeteners??”

I quickly cut her off, “No, no…I learned very quickly…” and I held up my plain, boring 16 oz. Tervis tumbler of clear, filtered water, taking a swig. “I’m back to plain water.”

I explained how I tried that zero drink because I wanted something with a taste. “How about a little lemon?” she countered.

“Nope, that bothers me, too.” I was drinking lemon water for weeks before I realized that lemon is a fruit and probably was accounting for the light stinging I was feeling all day.

“You poor thing!” she murmured as she perused my chart some more.

We continued on with our meeting, and she asked me the question I was dreading: did you try the liver? She had also asked that I try eating liver since it has so many nutrients in it.

Luckily, I had been away the previous week, so I could use that as an excuse. I really just didn’t want to try it. I had childhood memories of my mother making liver and onions for dinner….and they weren’t good memories.

So, now, I was stuck. I had to try the liver. But not just any liver. “Be picky about your liver!” she said, highlighting that organic liver would be the best for me to eat with all the issues I was encountering. And I immediately told her what a great title that is for an article. We chuckled a bit over that one.

I went to the local health food market afterwards, intending to just pick up some kale, another food she wanted me to try, and lo and behold! There in a refrigerated case was all organic meat. A pound of beef was about $18.00! Wow! I kept looking and of course, there, off to the right, were two lone containers of organic chicken livers! If didn’t know any better, I would have thought that there was a huge demand for chicken livers that day and I was just a lucky shopper to get one of the last containers. I picked up one container of the deep, red, jiggly livers (there was no way I was going to buy both of them!), determined to try them for lunch. They looked pretty gross to me, but I was actually starting to get really hungry, and I thought what better time to eat a new food but when you’re really hungry? I was hoping that the hunger pangs would override any bad taste reactions I was anticipating once I actually start eating these oh, so healthy but really icky looking organs.

I found the kale–I picked a red kale variety since it looked prettier and more open to eating than the lonely, limp green one in its nearby basket–and then went down another aisle, only to find organic bone broth, another food product we spoke about. It seemed that I was destined to be at that store that day.

When I got home, I quickly researched cooking liver. Some recipes said to dredge it in flour, which I couldn’t do without a reaction. So I decided these livers are just going to be cooked naked.

I rinsed off the livers first. Next, I chopped up and cooked a whole yellow onion in olive oil…it smelled so good! I had put a few trays of bacon in the oven as well while the onions were cooking…might as well add bacon to the mix. Bacon makes anything taste good!

(This is the best way to quickly make a pound of bacon: line 13×9 metal baking pans with foil, leaving enough foil to fold over the short ends of the pans, lay 4-5 strips in each pan, cook until desired crispiness at 425 or 450. When it is done, clean up is so much easier and all of your bacon is ready to eat!)

Once the onion was done, I dumped about 7 oz of the livers into the pan…it sizzled and browned right away. I let it cook for a while, cutting into it a few times to see if it was done enough for me.

When it was all ready, I scooped up the livers and put them in to a pretty white pasta dish that has raised vegetables on it and terra cotta edging. I was trying to make this meal as pleasing to me as possible. I reasoned, if it looks good, it will taste good. Then I covered it with the onions and bacon, again, trying to avoid the inevitable, which was only moments away.

Now, my pretty plate was full of onions, bacon….and liver. I sat down to eat, and I ate about half of it. The gamey taste of it wasn’t too pleasing to me…but the onions were wonderful as was the bacon. I think next time, I’ll be picky about my liver and cut it into smaller pieces. As it was, I had only cut it into chunks as I ate it, and being it was my first time, I really went full force at it like I was a liver lover or something.

My dietician said I get an A for effort…how about a different meal besides liver?

Yours in Lyme Adventures,










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