Magic Little Pill


Science, to me, is an amazing entity. There are all these wonderful people on the planet who think about and develop and test ways to improve our lives. Scientists, to me, have so much more power than even the President of the United States. From medical cures to animal preservation and environmental conservation, to space exploration and weather predictions and technology, we are always benefitting from the advances of Science.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I can remember women talking about their labor stories. Who did it naturally and was proud of it, who had planned C-sections, and who took the Epidural. Every woman’s labor story was different because of her needs and experiences. Sometimes Mother Nature helped along to make those decisions, and sometimes, it was Science. For me, I knew from the minute I became pregnant that I wanted the drugs. I wasn’t one to use medications on a daily basis for even the minutest of pains, but I knew that labor was a whole different beast, and if Science had a way of easing that pain, I was going to reap the benefits of it!

The epidural was like a miracle to me…one minute I was in excruciating pain, the next, no pain at all! I humbly thank the Scientist(s) who developed that drug to help me. And I respect all women who go through their labors in whatever manner they choose-with or without Science.

Now with the Lyme adventure front and center in my life, Science again has both left me adrift and come to my rescue in different ways. Several different doctors have tried to help me, but through no fault of their own, I have had to find a different route to find that “magic little pill” that I have come to know as a cure for any illness.  Sadly, Lyme isn’t just any illness, and much like a cancer, there isn’t one foolproof way to ‘cure’ it. It morphs and changes in your body. Lyme is like a terrorist in your body; it hides from antibiotics and attacks full force when you least expect it. For me, I can always feel it hanging out, like questionable characters on a street corner, staring you down as you pass by.  A slight stinging in my arm and leg muscles and joints is always with me from the moment I wake up. Whenever I put any kind of  Lyme-loving compound in my system, it attacks full force.  And the reactions that I happen to have are quite intense and painful.

Even though I have Lyme in my blood stream as well as some other germs, all the medical doctors I have seen: my primary doctor, infectious disease doctors, and even a neurologist, all say that I am just suffering from a virus, and it has to run its course. Now, I respect these doctors and their expertise, but up until this point in my life, I have never had any sensitivities or allergies to anything I eat. Now,  I can’t eat any carbohydrates, including fruits, nightshade vegetables, peanuts, or dairy, without having an allergic reaction that sometimes requires taking a Benadryl, a drug created by Scientists.  Doctors, please tell me….what virus is it, so that I can treat myself properly?

I have come to terms thinking that my medical team is working on the knowledge that they have from their own Science backgrounds, and because Science evolves every day, it may or may not be helpful to me.  My body chemistry is highly sensitive now to foods that I have never, ever had a problem with over my entire 46 years of life. I can only conclude that just because I have been treated for Lyme with antibiotics, it doesn’t mean that I have even begun to be ‘cured’ from it.

There is no magic little pill that is going to help me with this awful tick blood I have. It’s going to take my own kind of Science that I discover, and the Science of any one else that I can learn from, to reap any benefits to help me feel better. So far, my naturopath and dietician have started to steer me in the right direction.  I can only hope that I will continue to find new ways to help manage the pain and uncertainly that Lyme brings.  It will require me to continue to reach out to people, read books and essays on all kinds of therapies and topics, and try strategies and ideas unknown to me to regain some sense of normalcy. That’s what we do to fight terrorists, right?

I wonder if Scientists are working on ways to eradicate the tick population completely? That would be a positive step in getting rid of this disease. And I would glad celebrate in that discovery!

Yours in Lyme Adventures,




3 thoughts on “Magic Little Pill

  1. Your Lyme story, the symptoms, the doctors you went through, all sounds very familiar. I’ve had a similar journey in trying to get a diagnosis. It all started in fall 2009. Cyclical fatigue, joint pain, numbness in my feet. I went to all kinds of doctors, had an MRI -clear. I finally in fall of 2012 ended up with a fibro and chronic fatigue diagnosis… CFS doctor tested me for Lyme and bingo! I’ve been treating for 3 years now. I’m making progress but it is slow. Like you, I’ve seen so many doctors who know nothing about Lyme and worse, they will not even discuss it. My Coinfections are chronic EBV, Mycoplasma, hhv6, and maybe others. My body seems to not fight of viruses well at all. I’m glad to connect with you!

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    1. I’m actually scheduled to go to a holistic practice in Port Heights, New York next week. The woman I spoke with actually had lived with Lyme for 4 years before getting the correct diagnosis…I’ll post my experiences after my appointment!

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